Saturday, October 22, 2011

"The Case of the Missing Deed" by Ellen Schwartz

What started as a nice, yearly vacation trip, turns into one of concern and mystery. Grandma may lose her house on the island, and she seems so down. Why? She can't find the deed. As the family sets out to help find it, they are reminded that their grandfather liked to hide things and use riddles for others to find them. It seems that the deed may be tied to a recipe for Pesto, but why? Grandpa wasn't around to ask anymore. How many other clues are there in the recipes? Will they find the deed before the mining company takes over the island and claims Grandma's house? Come along and help solve this mystery. See if you can solve it before the cousins in the book do.

This is a really fun mystery for young people. I found myself pulled into the story, rooting for them to find the deed. Each clue lead to another and it was fun to figure them out. This is a great book to introduce children to the mystery genre, and will likely have them looking for more. I also think this would be a fun book for family reading time with everyone working on the solution. I received a review copy to read on my Nook from Net Galley and thank them very much!

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