Saturday, September 25, 2010

"DragonSpell" by Donita K. Paul

Kale is a lowly servant girl from River Away who has found a dragon egg. She is immediately sent to the City of Vendela to see the rulers there. Kale is excited to enter the city as she has never seen anything like this before, but during an attack is drawn into a cave and to more dragon eggs. She soon discovers that she is expected to go on a quest with Leetu and Dar to find a meech egg. She is the mighty "Dragon Keeper," although she doesn't believe it. Through their travels they meet good dragons, the kimens, some Urohms, and Wizard Fenworth, as well as a three-headed monster and other evil beings. She also discovers that the evil Risto is out to defeat her and her companions. Will the strength of Wulder and Paladin be enough to help her? Will she discover the meech egg? What other dragons will hatch and share their powers with the company?

This fantasy is interesting, colorful, and drew me in immediately. I enjoyed reading about the different races and peoples, with characters realist and life-like. Donita K. Paul has a wonderful way with words. It was especially neat to read about the birth of each dragon and find out what their special gift was. My favorite quote is found on pg. 237. "Frightened," Leetu continued. "Well, it is a lie to face scary things and pretend you are not frightened. Just as it is deceitful to look at the beauty of that scene" --she nodded toward the mountain range-- "and pretend the grandeur does not stir your soul. Perhaps not false, but folly, to take in with the eyes and deny with the heart."


  1. It was a fun book and I can't wait to read more by Ms. Paul. =)

  2. Thank you for the review. DragonSpell was my first fantasy, and I loved the plunge into creating a world and making it real enough to convey Wulder's wisdom. I am finishing book number 8 that is set in this world.