Saturday, April 18, 2015

"God, Me, and Sweet Iced Tea" by Rose Chandler Johnson

Devotionals are wonderful companion books for your Bible, or wonderful to have available for the times you are waiting. In her new devotional, "God, Me, and Sweet Iced Tea," Rose Chandler Johnson helps her readers to "experience God in the midst of everyday moments."

This book has a great title. It lets readers have a glimpse of what is inside. The book is about each person's relationship with God in everyday settings. Just as an iced cold glass of iced tea quenches thirst, studying God's Word quenches our thirst for more of Him. This devotional contains many wonderful topics with Scripture readings, questions, journaling ideas, a prayer with a prayer focus, and "a sweet iced tea moment." An example of that is, "Don't give up, your labor is not in vain." Examples of the devotions are: "Stop Complaining," Your Adversary the Devil," and "Train the Children."These short, thoughtful, and encouraging devotions will become welcome refreshment for readers everywhere.

I wanted to read this book simply because of the title, and then it came! My book came gift wrapped with a hand-written note from Mrs. Johnson. What a joy those touches brought and then I started to read and study. I love that Mrs. Johnson uses different versions of the Bible (labeling each) and is thoughtful with the devotions. They truly are for the everyday moments. I think my favorite is "Reality of the Indwelling Christ." If you are looking for a new devotional, or simply enjoy reading new ones, this book is for you. It will also make a wonderful gift. I was privileged to receive my review copy for participation in the LItfuse Blog Tour.

GodMe, and Sweet Iced Tea 
by Rose Chandler Johnson    
Inspirational Devotional 

In the South, nothing is more refreshing than a glass of sweeticed tea. Nothing, that is, except experiencing God in those small, everyday moments. GodMe, and Sweet Iced Tea is a deeply personal collection of spiritual treasures designed to help readers experience new mercies each morning. Seasoned with insight and grace, this tender devotional points to the divine presence of God in everyday moments. Whether purchased as a personal resource or given as heartfelt gift, GodMe, andSweet Iced Tea will help readers develop a daily habit of turning to God in those quiet moments of reflection.
Rose Johnson's devotional offers the reader sweet balm and encouragement through wise and thoughtful reflections onGod's grace and provision in the midst of all life can throw at us. Use it as a wonderful way to start the day off right---withGod's Word and friendly counsel from a woman whose soul knows.
~ Elizabeth Musser, award winning Christian writer and author of The Swan House
Wonderful mix of spiritual insights and practical applications. Johnson is truly adept at finding God in the ordinary and eternal lessons in the everyday moments of life.
~ Ann Tatlock, two-time Christy award winner and author ofSweet Mercy

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 Meet the Author
Rose Chandler Johnson, a Southern girl from a tiny Georgia town, is the author of the devotional blog, Write Moments with God. A devoted Christian and mother of six, she has been a teacher of English and French over the last twenty years. She looks forward to continuing her writing ministry in the years ahead.

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