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"Against the Flow" by John C. Lennox

Daniel was a man of faith and trust. He was totally committed to God and trusted that He would take care of the problems that came along. As a captive of King Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel proved his worth and was able to move up in responsibility. How would the world react to him today?

Daniel was a young man who went into captivity as a teenager and had the immediate test of how to stand for his faith. He trusted God so completely that he and his friends turned away the king's meat and proved God's provision, and continually proved that he could be trusted. Daniel was so trusted that some of the king's advisors wanted him out of the way and tricked the king into signing a law that would take care of the problem. They didn't like that he was upfront and open about worshipping his God, not the gods they did, so they wanted him destroyed. What would happen if this young articulate man lived today? As parts of the world seems to tolerate Christianity less and less, would his witness be accepted or would they try to silence him? Come and explore Daniel with Professor Lennox and see him in a new light.

I love the story of Daniel and it was interesting to see him through this book. Professor Lennox presents his story in an interesting reading style that will keep you turning the pages and you will see why Daniel was going "against the flow." It is an eye-opening book as to what each of us is doing when sharing our faith. Where do we fit in the "flow?" I received my review copy from Litfuse Publicity in exchange for an hones review.

Against the Flow 
by John C. Lennox    
Christian Theology

A wide-ranging discussion of the place of Christianity in the public square
Daniel's story is one of extraordinary faith in God lived out at the pinnacle of executive power. It tells of four young men, born in the tiny state of Judah around 500 b.c., and captured by Nebuchadnezzar, emperor of Babylon. Daniel describes how they eventually rose to senior positions of administration.
Daniel and his friends did not simply maintain their private devotion to God; they maintained a high-profile witness in a pluralistic society antagonistic to their faith. Their story carries a powerful message for us today. Society tolerates the practice of Christianity in private and in church services, but increasingly it deprecates public witness. If Daniel and his compatriots were with us today they would be in the vanguard of public debate.
This is a lucid and erudite examination of the life of Daniel from a leading expert on faith and science. In his first biblical work, Dr. Lennox provides a unique perspective on both Western society and biblical exegesis that will make Against the Flow an instant classic encouraging Christians to speak out in our modern Babylon.

"I read everything John Lennox writes because of his amazing blend of rigorous scholarship with practical insights and applications for all of us. You cannot afford to miss this important book! Read it, then pass it on to a friend."
-Rick Warren, pastor and author of The Purpose Driven Life

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 Meet the Author
John C. Lennox is professor of mathematics at the University of Oxford and fellow in mathematics and philosophy of science at Green Templeton College. He lectures on faith and science for the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and is author of a number of books on the relations of science, religion, and ethics.

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