Wednesday, April 8, 2015

"Even in Darkness" by Barbara Stark-Nemon

Klare Kohler's life has been eventful! Raised in an affluent German-Jewish family, her life would change drastically as two world wars and a concentration camp entered her life. This is her story.
In this true story, readers are introduced to Klare Kohler and her life. Klare grew up knowing how to act properly because her family was prosperous. Shock overtook her when war with all of its horrors raged around her. Her life changed drastically as she worked her way through two world wars and a concentration camp. Entwined in there is her family and a love. Klare's life is marked by moments of hardship and tragedy, but her resilience and uplifting character will encourage readers to quickly turn the pages. 

What a wonderful book! Though the topic described (concentration camps, etc.) gets difficult to read at points, it is so worth it. This is a woman who is powerful and inspiring, and readers will find themselves pulling for her all the way! If you enjoy books that will challenge you to think and feel, will lift you up and encourage you, then this book is for you! I received my copy from PR by the Book in exchange for an honest review.

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