Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"Invitation to the Life of Jacob" by Donald R. Sunukjian

The complete title of this book is: "Invitation to the Life of Jacob: Winning Through Losing," and Jacob is a perfect example of this. Through the trials and testings of his life, Jacob came out on the other side praising God. Come on! You are invited to study the life of Jacob.

This book is part of the "Biblical Preaching for the Contemporary Church" blog tour, and is well worth checking out. Jacob was a man who began life as the second twin, but the one God was going to bless. Instead of waiting for God to reveal His plan, Jacob listened to his mother and tricked his father. That action not only was a lie, it caused his brother to want him dead, and lead to separation from his family. But, God made things work out for His glory! Through his service for his family to the reunion with his brother, we can see God's hand. There is so much to learn from Jacob's life and this book will give you insights into those lessons.

While this book is written for preachers, I found it to be a great study guide for Jacob's life. I can't wait to dive in more! If you have a library for sermon preparation, or a library full of books for devotional study, this book will make a great addition to it. I received my review copy from Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for an honest review.

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