Saturday, November 22, 2014

"Destiny Defied" by J.A. Marx

Riki is an 18 year old who is trapped on an island.  She is not alone because of the four college boys who seem to be watching out for her. But still, she feels that something isn't right, that someone else is on the island and that they are watching her. But, Isaac tries to reassure her that no one else is there. Is he right? Does he know something she doesn't? What is hiding on the island?

A deserted island is not the place Riki wants to be. Yes, there are four young men there and that gives her a measure of security, but something is off. She constantly feels that she is being watched, and not by her new friends. She also feels an immediacy to find out what is going on and how to get off the island. That immediacy could be in response to what is happening underground. Riki has no idea that there is a world of darkness desirous of getting her back. Lord Vetis is willing to go as far as necessary to get her back.He even uses black magic to manipulate the five young adults. Will Riki be able to withstand the magic? Will her four friends be able to protect her? Will Lord Vetis be the victor? The answers await you in this first book of J.A. Marx's new "Destiny" series.

Another wonderful YA series begins, and I can't wait for book 2! The characters and story line are well written and drew me in quickly. The worst part of reading this book is waiting for the next one. Whether you are a YA or not, anyone who loves fantasy/sci-fi will really enjoy this book. It will draw you in, then leave you wanting to know more. I received my review copy from Litfuse Publicity Group in exchange for an honest review.
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About the book:

Destiny Defied | Book One in The Destiny series.

A dramatic shipwreck emancipates Riki Hammad, but the island where she finds refuge is compromised. Unless she finds a power truly great enough to defeat her dark past, she will choose death over returning to captivity. Lord Vétis, high priest of a cultic underground, will stop at nothing to reclaim their chosen one. Using black magic, he manipulates Riki and her four self-assigned bodyguards, triggering a battle that consumes the entire island. The underground will never allow Riki to live out her dreams of a normal life . . . something she has never known.

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About the author:
 J.A. loves writing embattled spirit novels --- adventure and suspense with supernatural undertones. On the side, she dabbles in non-fiction articles and e-zine editing. J.A. owes many thanks Jerry Jenkins and the Christian Writer's Guild for their support and education.

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