Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"The Secret Keeper" by Kate Morton

What is the cost of keeping a secret? How much does it affect your life? Laurel Nicholson is sixteen years old and enjoying life, when she sees her mother surprised by a visitor. Laurel is the witness to something so shocking that she buries it for fifty years. But....

This is the story of three young people who meet before WWII and find themselves totally connected forever. Their lives may have seemed separate later in life, but one of them has to tell the story. That one is Laurel's mother Dorothy. Laurel had put that awful day behind her and had become an actress. But her mother was turning ninety, so she went home for a visit and found it was time to ask the questions she had buried for so long. As Dorothy tells her story, she introduces Vivien and Jimmy. The reader is treated to new facts through the use of flashbacks, and is transported through time from before WWII through the 60's and to the present. Will Dorothy tell the whole story? Will Laurel accept or reject what her mother has to say? The story will keep readers enthralled as they travel through time unraveling mysteries and deceptions, finding friendship and passion.

I love Kate Morton's writing and have since she wrote "The House At Riverton" in 2006. Her stories and characters pull me in quickly and I am transported through time with their memories. Readers of all types will enjoy Ms. Morton's books, and I for one can't wait for the next one. There are many lively topics that reading groups will enjoy discussing. I received my free review copy from Atria Books through Net Galley.

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