Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"Borders of the Heart" by Chris Fabry

Borders are everywhere, some made by society, some by ourselves. What happens when the borders someone has placed around his heart are challenged? What about the borders between countries? A great story happens!

J.D. Jessup is running. He wants to distance himself from his past, and that distancing takes him to Arizona. He is hired to work on an organic farm, and the owner lets him know that this is an area for illegals to cross into America. He is told to call the police if he sees anyone. It makes sense to J.D. until finds Maria near death. He can't turn her in. He needs to help her. Little does he know that that is an extremely dangerous choice for both himself and for Maria because Maria is also running. The difference here is that the man Maria is running from is out to kill them. As the two of them run, J.D. finds strength that can only come from trusting God.  Do they escape, or do both J.D. and Maria have to face their pasts? What about the man chasing them? Pick up the book and ride along to find out!

What an interesting story! I loved the characters and felt for them. I was on the run with them. It made me think about what I would do if I were in J.D.'s place and how things would end up. Chris Fabry has a style that will draw you into the story and characters, and not let you go until the end. I recommend it to lovers of suspense and trust. Book groups will have a great time discussing the topics presented. I received my review copy from Tyndale House Publishers for participation in the blog tour.

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