Sunday, October 7, 2012

"God of All Creation" by James Robison

What can we learn from our pets and other animals that come into our lives? In this new book, James Robison takes life lessons from the things we may not really pay attention to when we are with our pets, and shows how we can easily adapt them to our lives. 

A miniature dachshund named "Princess" has brought so much joy into the lives of the Robisons. But she has also brought spiritual reminders that we can all learn from. We all know that dogs are loyal, protective, and lovable, but, they also teach us lessons on things like persistence, obedience, purpose, thankfulness, and making the most of the time we have. One of the stories in the book deals with Princess getting a "sticker" in her paw. Many dogs wouldn't want to have anyone touch it, but Princess trusted James and not only let him remove the main sticker, but also a thorn that was left. We can apply this to our Christian lives by totally trusting God to take care of us and completely remove the "stickers" when they come along. He is so faithful to us! Another area of our lives that sometimes needs reinforcement is boundaries. Why are they important and what harm can there be from pushing them? Read the story of "Hershey" and you will discover the way those choices affect everyone. There are many other devotional type stories in the book to read and enjoy while reinforcing basic principles of our lives.

I really enjoyed this book (and will keep it handy for continued encouragement) and am recommending it to my friends. It is encouraging and full of teaching moments, but all is done in an easy to understand manner. We have a dog that is part dachshund that has brought great joy to our lives. But, I also am now finding myself paying more attention to the things he does to see if God is trying to tell me something. Pick up this book and enjoy the stories. You may find some life changing truths. I received my free review copy from the Blogging For Books Program in exchange for an honest review. 

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