Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Superman's Cape" by Brian Spangler

Tragedy and loss wear many faces, and Sara Connely can attest to that. Life has thrown so much at her that many times she doesn't think she can make it. Her husband was murdered in front of her sons, she loses her home and car, money is very tight, and life has totally shifted. How will she and the boys make it? Will it ever get better? While these thoughts run through her mind, Sara knows she has to go on because of the boys. Then, fate throws her another cruel twist when she finds that her twelve year old son, Kyle, is lost in the forest and a hurricane is approaching. As she races to find and protect her son from the many dangers and experiences neither of them are accustomed to, Jacob Hanson enters the picture. Can he help? How are their lives intertwined? This story is filled with situations that will keep you reading and wanting to know more.

Wow! This well-written book took me on a roller coaster ride of emotion. There were times I had to put the book down because of the tears in my eyes. From the scene of the murder, through life in the trailer, and the search in Croatan National Forest, I was tied to this family. When Kyle felt anger, I understood; when Sara battled depression, it was palpable. I highly recommend this book to readers who love connecting with the characters and storyline. It would also make a wonderful selection for book club discussion.Congratulations to Brian Spangler!

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