Saturday, February 25, 2012

"The Beautiful Wife" by Sandy Ralya

Beautiful. The word brings up many images in our society today, but none that really touch the heart of a Christian woman. What does it mean to have a beautiful spirit? to be beautiful to your husband and family? to see yourself through God's eyes? In this wonderful book, Sandy Ralya addresses these questions and more. She equips women with answers so that they can not only help themselves, but also help others to be fulfilled in their marriages. The topics addressed include: finances, sex, diet, style, and so much more. If you want help with how to be balanced and happy in your marriage with God's help in today's world, this book is a great choice for you.

My package also included two companion books - "The Prayer Journal" and the "Mentor's Guide." The "Mentor's Guide" answers the questions women might have before mentoring someone, and also gives ideas on working with a group and how to lead a discussion. It really helps allay some of the fear that accompanies leading a group. The "Prayer Journal" is a wonderful tool to help you stay on track with the lessons and set up invaluable new habits for prayer and Bible study and memorization.

These books are wonderful tools for women's group leaders! The Scripture and lesson/story really attack the topics on the minds of Christian women today. I especially like the "Reflection" and "First Steps" that go along with each lesson and wholeheartedly recommend it to church groups everywhere. My free review copies were made possible by the blog tour from Litfuse, and I thank them and the publisher for the opportunity. This is a set of books I will use over and over, and give as gifts.

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