Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Beyond Molasses Creek" by Nicole Seitz

Ally Green has been running for a long time, but has to return home to bury her father. Many memories and old relationships fill her heart and mind, and probably the most complicated it the relationship with Vesey Washington. Their friendship had brought her  happiness and pain; love and separation. Her running led to many mistakes, like an affair that produced a child. Then, as she was traveling in Nepal, her child was kidnapped. Now that she is 60, will she be able to come to grips with her life choices? Will her friendship with Vesey grow again? And, who is Sunila? Come along and discover how life can begin at any age.

This is a wonderful story of love, loss, and forgiveness. Nicole Seitz crafts a story that draws the reader in with vibrant characters and realistic situations. I enjoyed getting to know Ally, Vesey, and Sunila. I recommend this book to individual readers, but also to book groups. There are many topics to discuss. Beware, however, you may need to have some tissue handy!

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