Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"The Bone House" by Stephen R. Lawhead

The adventure from "The Skin Map" continues in the second installation of the Bright Empires series by Stephen Lawhead. Kit and his grandfather, Cosimo, resume their search for the missing parts of the map (the map that literally contains all of the ley lines), with Wilhelmina becomes very good at time travel. Each jump on a "ley line" brings adventure (i.e. Egypt) and danger (i.e. burly men), yet they continue on. The author gives more information about Lord Burleigh and how he became the person he is. What do Kit and Cosimo find this time? Why is Kit more laid back now? Will they escape Lord Burleigh and the burly men once again, or will the evil forces win a battle? Come along with Kit, Cosimo, and Mina as they explore time travel while unraveling the secrets of the Bone House.

I was excited to see this book available because I read the first one. I recommend reading them in order so that the story and characters make sense to you. The characters are wonderfully written and the story line is fun. As the book comes to life, each reader gets to become a detective and a time traveler. The different characters and transitions may cause some difficulty at first, but taking the time to figure them out is worth it. This book will make a wonderful gift for young readers who love using their imagination and detective skills. I received the free copy I read on my Nook from Net Galley, and thank them for the opportunity. I look forward to the next installation.

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