Saturday, April 9, 2011

"When the Soul Mends" by Cindy Woodsmall

Hannah Lapp has moved on with her life. After leaving Owl's Perch, she moved in with her aunt, Zabeth, and began to heal. Hannah is almost finished with nursing school, is engaged, and is taking care of Martin's niece and nephew. Her life seems to be going along well until there is a fire in Owl's Perch. Returning to the Amish community is difficult for many reasons, but her sister's mental health deteriorates and she needs to find her professional help. While Hannah and Paul Waddell tried to stay away from each other, Sarah's needs cause them to work together. What will happen to Sarah when the community discovers the truth? Will Hannah and her family find true peace? What about Paul, Martin, and the children? What is the truth about the fires? "When the Soul Mends" puts the pieces together in this third installment of the Sister's of the Quilt series.

I love Cindy Woodsmall's writing style. Not only does she do her research, but her characters and story have life and breath to them. This book is great for individuals and groups alike, with a Reader's Guide that is helpful in looking beyond the obvious topics of love, forgiveness, mental illness, and healing. Many thank you's to the Blogging for Books program for my copy of the book!

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