Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"No Place Like Holmes" by Jason Lethcoe

Griffin is an intelligent twelve year old who loves to solve things. So the opportunity to meet his uncle who lives at 221 Baker Street in London brings him great excitement! Could Sherlock Holmes be his uncle? After discovering that his unhappy, unfriendly uncle lives next door to Mr. Holmes, Griffin sets out to be a blessing to his uncle, rather than a burden. Together they set out to uncover the reason a clockmaker has gone missing. Along the way they have to uncover what a metal "Nessie," scraps of red paper, and missing explosives have to do with each other. All the while, unknown to them, they are followed by another sleuth. Who will unravel the mystery first? What will be Griffin's uncle's next invention?
This is a fun mystery aimed at the nine to fourteen age group (although I think people of all ages will enjoy it). The story keeps moving along with characters that seem alive. Mr. Lethcoe has set a great foundation for a series, and I for one, would love to read more. It is fun to step back in time and read about the mystique of Sherlock Holmes and those who sought to emulate his work. Thank you to the Book Sneeze program for my copy of the book!

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