Sunday, July 4, 2010

"Venom and Song" by Wayne Batson and Christopher Hopper

The seven Elven lords (Tommy, Jimmy, Autumn, Johnny, Kira Lee, Jett, and Kat) have returned to Allyra. The cost has been high, but the celebration and coronation leaves everyone in high spirits. But, for how long? The seven now have to learn how to fight properly before going up against the Spider King and his host. Does everyone want them to have the time, or do they want to rush the fight? What do they do when a traitor is found in their midst, and are there more? As they train, the Spider King attacks, wrecking havoc on the Elves' plans. Now the seven must pull together as a team and fight through pain, fear, and enemies to find the Keystone and Rainsong. Can they find it fast enough to help the Elves and save their world?

Book two of the Berinfell Prophecies picked up right where book one left off. I received this book as part of Thomas Nelson's Book Sneeze program, and was very happy to have been able to read the first book so close to this one. The characters were alive to me, and I again felt myself wishing to meet them. The story captured my imagination and pulled me in, introducing me to new characters and creatures. Gnomes, elves, scarlet raptors, and more await you as you enter Allyra. It will capture your imagination and leave you wanting more! The lessons presented within these pages are worth learning at any age.

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