Saturday, July 17, 2010

"A Soft Place to Land" by Susan Rebecca White

Two half-sisters, sent to live apart from each other after the death of their mother and father/step-father. Julia is sent to live with her biological father and his wife; Ruthie, now an orphan, goes to live with relatives she doesn't really know. The loss to both is great, both in family and in each other. Each girl must make choices in her life, all the while needing reassurance from the other. Traveling alone can be hard and the burdens cumbersome. What happens while they are apart? What happens when the opportunity comes for Ruthie to return to their old house? How do these sisters deal with secrets, and what happens when betrayal enters the picture? Will these sisters find in each other "A Soft Place to Land"?

I enjoyed this book, and have discussed it with others in one of my reading groups. Our discussion covered things like: choices parents make without really thinking (guardianship), bonds between sisters (siblings), the effects the death of parents have on children, betrayal, and forgiveness. It would be great to have a sequel to tie up the loose ends. This book works with our without a group, although it is better to have someone to discuss with because there are things you WILL want to rant about.