Sunday, July 25, 2010

"The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner" by Stephanie Meyer

This "Eclipse" novella details a small portion of the life of newborn Bree Tanner. Stephanie Meyer totally immerses the reader into the life of a newborn vampire, fears, thirst, and the unknown. Bree is part of a violent coven held together by Riley, a servant of her. As their thirst rises, Riley chooses who goes out to hunt. He also expects Diego to clean up the messes so humans don't figure it out. But, what is the real purpose of the coven? Who is the "her" Riley talks about? Come take a peek into Bree's vampire life and meet the others who are with her. Come find out how the Cullen's fit into this story.

This was a very quick read, only 178 pages. I really liked Bree, Diego, and Fred; and found myself totally immersed in Bree's story. I recommend this book to any of you who have read the "Twilight" series as it will give you a view you haven't had before. You may find yourself feeling new anger and new empathy. Now, can we get Stephanie to write about Renesmee????

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