Saturday, June 19, 2010

"The Scent of Rain and Lightning" by Nancy Pickard

When Jody Linder was three, her father was killed and her mother disappeared. Now 26, Jody moves back into their home working to make it hers. An unexpected visit from her three uncles sets Jody's world into a chaotic spin focusing on that fateful night when she lost her parents. Billy Crosby, the man in jail for the murder, has been released and is coming home. As Jody relives memories from her childhood, Nancy Pickard shows us Jody's fears and growth, loneliness and anger. Along with her family, we also meet Valentine Crosby and her son Collin. What will happen when Billy gets back to town? Did he commit the murder and dispose of Jody's mother? What relationship is there between Jody and Collin? The book builds to a surprising climax and an ending not easily forgotten.

I absolutely loved this book! I read it on my Nook, while sharing it with my husband, and found it a quick, suspenseful, exciting read.  The characters and setting are so real that the book comes alive as you read. This is a book I will definitely read again, and I recommend it to individual readers as well as groups. It is a story you will want to discuss with others.


  1. Wow, A rereader. That's impressive!

  2. It's really good. I can't wait for more by Nancy Pickard. =)