Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"The Map of True Places" by Brunonia Barry

"It is not down in any map; true places never are."
                                   --Herman Melville

"The Map of True Places" is a wonderfully woven tale of love, loss, and finding where you belong. Zee is a psychologist working to help people understand and change unhealthy behaviors. She is also dealing with a mother who committed suicide, a gay father with Parkinson's Disease which is adding Alzheimer's to its repertoire, an engagement that doesn't seem to fit, and learning to be a caregiver. With all of this and more going on,  Zee works to find her "true place."  Why does she feel guilty about Lily, and who is following her?

I really enjoyed this book! Brunonia Barry did a lot of research and produced a believable story that held my attention all the way through. There is a decidedly nautical theme with each section introduced by interesting navigation information, and has a setting that moves around the Boston/Salem area of MA. There were times I was cheering for the characters, and moments when I was sad or worried. Individuals and groups alike will enjoy the story and the interesting facts and tidbits woven throughout. You really should take the time to come meet Zee, Mattei, Finch, Melville, Jessina, and Hawke. They, and others, have a story to tell.

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