Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Fragment" by Warren Fahy

"Fragment" grabbed me from the beginning and the more I read, the more I wanted to read. Warren Fahy blends science with fiction to weave a story that compelled me to continue on. The characters are real and the story one I think many have pondered.

The story begins in 1791, but quickly comes forward to present day as a reality television show. Nell tried out for the show just to get to the island. Little did Nell know, that while the island is a scientist's dream, it is also a scientist's nightmare. The entire novel takes place in 28 days, and sometimes Mr. Fahy tells his story minute by minute, or hour by hour. I felt like I was there - I was on the boat; on the island; I knew the characters. Most of the island creatures terrified me, but there is one....

If you like books that keep you engrossed, books that make you think, you will enjoy "Fragment." Come, take a journey on the Trident. Come meet the scientists and listen to their story.


  1. Nice review! I like Jurassic Park and this seems to be similar. Will probably get this one - my son would probably read this first - I may never get it back though.

  2. Thanks. It was really good and I hope you and your son like it. =)