Friday, January 2, 2015

"The Patmos Deception" by Davis Bunn

The Isle of Patmos is rich in history and tradition. In this new book, three people come together to discover who is stealing Greek antiquities and what is happening to them. Come join Nick, Carey, and Dimitri as they strive to find the answers.

Nick Hennessey is a journalist trying to make a name for himself, when he is assigned a story in Europe dealing with stolen art and treasures. Carey Mathers is a new forensic anthropologist at the Athens Institute of Antiquities, something she has always thought to be her perfect job. Having met up with her old, dear friend, Elena, Carey finds spiritual help and guidance. Dimitri Rubinos runs his family's business of charter boats, but he is struggling. The financial crisis in Greece is wrecking havoc for not only Dimitri, but for all the Greek people. So, who is stealing the art? Does he really sell out his countrymen by transporting stolen goods? How far does the economic cisis push Nick, Carey, or Dimitri? Come follow these three as they travel to places like Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Patmos, and the Cave of Revelation.

I enjoyed this book and got into the mystery quickly. The places mentioned are some of the ones I want to travel to. The characters were well strucured and the settings well done and breathtaking at times. The love triangle really didn't matter to the story much and could have been left our. All in all, a book I recommend if you enjoy historical Christian fiction. I received my review copy from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.

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