Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"First Frost" by Sarah Addison Allen

It's time to step back into the world of the Waverly women, Claire, Sydney, and Bay to find out what has been happening since we left them in "Garden Spells." This new story takes place ten years after the first, and it is just about time for First Frost....
Claire is a wonderful caterer, however, we find her making candies instead this time. Her catering took the back seat to the "medicinal" candies she has been making. Is she happy doing that? She has married Trey and they have a daughter, Mariah, and they are very happy. Sydney runs her own beauty salon, continuing to know just how to fix hair. She has married Harry, and he has adopted her daughter, Bay. Sydney would love to have another child with Harry, but that hasn't happened. Bay has the magical ability to know where things belong, which can be a good and a bad thing sometimes. The magical parts of each woman fill the story with warmth, problems, and interesting situations. The biggest interruption in their lives comes by way of a mysterious man (Russell Zahler) who seems to pop up all over the place and disappear quickly leaving behind no clues. They are hoping that First Frost will come without any problems or situations. Will it?  What is this man doing here and what is his connection to Claire? What will happen if/when Bay goes to the prom? Who is Mariah's mysterious friend?  All these questions and many more will be answered when you open the book.
I love Sarah Addison Allen's books and was thrilled to get to go back to Waverly and read about my friends again. The book is well written and it drew me in right away. If you enjoy a good "magical" story, this book, as well as all of Sarah Addison Allen's books, is for you. Many thanks to the publisher who let me read it through NetGalley.

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