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"Alive!" (Reader's Digest: May 2014)

The full title of this book is "Alive!: Extraordinary Stories of Ordinary People Who Survived Deadly Tornadoes, Avalanches, Shipwrecks and More" Can you imagine being inside a tornado, attacked by a swarm of yellow jackets, or being at the mercy of the sea? What would you think about? What would you do? In this new compilation by the writers of Reader's Digest, real life stories of survivors are told. The stories come from the "Drama in Real Life" section of the magazine, from 1994 to 2013. Each story stands alone as an edge-of-your-seat thriller, and together they bring non-stop action. The stories are short yet pack a wallop. Readers are given an inside look into the hearts and minds of those caught up in some of the worst natural disasters we have seen, yet there is also hope and renewal with each story. Inspiration fills the pages, and it is hard to read just one story at a time.

I really enjoyed this book and will keep it out for visitors. It is an easy book to share, and brought back memories of reading the "Drama in Real Life" as I grew up. If you enjoy books that tell real-life stories, this book is for you. I received my review copy from FSB Associates in exchange for an honest review.

Extraordinary Stories of Ordinary People Who Survived Deadly Tornadoes, Avalanches, Shipwrecks and More
By Editors of Reader's Digest
Published by Reader's Digest
Hardcover: 224 pages
May 6, 2014; 15.99 $US/$17.99 CAN; 9781621451617

Drama in Real Life!
The stories in Alive! highlight life-and-death moments where the will to survive is the only thing that keeps one hanging on when hope seems lost.
In "The Tot and the Twister," Derek Burnett tells the dramatic story of a grandmother's determination to protect three children when a tornado rips through her house. In "Terror on the Cliff," Kenneth Miller recounts hiker Larry Bishop's harrowing forty-eight hours clinging to the side of a mountain, thoughts of his wife and daughter giving him the courage to await help. And in "Face to Face with a Grizzly," Kathy Cook describes how two women who are being mauled by a bear summon all of their strength to defy death.
A captivating collection at once gripping and inspiring, Alive! will keep you on the edge of your seat and remind you how ordinary people can do extraordinary things in extreme circumstances.
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