Saturday, April 5, 2014

"Shadow Hand" by Anne Elizabeth Stengl

In this sixth book of her "Tales of Goldstone Wood" series,  Anne E. Stengl's recounts more of the story of Lady Daylily, Lionheart, and Prince Foxbrush. Will Lady Daylily be forced to marry someone she doesn't love, or will the one she loves save the day? 

Lady Daylily is miserable as she thinks about the loss of Lionheart and her upcoming arranged marriage to Prince Foxbrush.  So, what did she do? She ran away to the Wilderlands to hide but was followed. Who followed her and who is in the Wilderlands? As the story continues, readers are treated to many interesting characters and themes (redemption, love, hope, mercy, etc.). It is truly another captivating book in the series, and the questions readers have from Book 5 will be answered!

I really enjoy Anne E. Stengl's writing style. Her characters continue to amaze me, and her story lines and settings are captivating. If you enjoy series books that are challenging yet enthralling, this series is for you. I recommend that you read the books from the beginning so that you are up on the characters, story line, and settings. I received my free review copy from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.

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