Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Men of Sunday" by Curtis Eichelberger

Football. A rough game played between players determined to have their team win. But what are the players, coaches, and owners like off the field? How do they balance work and family? Curtis Eichelberger opens that part of their world in his new book, "Men of Sunday."

The grueling game of football can take its toll on anyone. It takes strength from outside to help fight the temptations that are placed in the path of those involved in the game, strength to have a good life off the field. Many players are successful at this despite the media hype, and in this book we get to meet a few of them. We get to peek into their world to see how they balance their work and their lives; how their families cope. Many of the men and women involved in football have strong faith in God and rely on Him to guide their lives. Tony Dungy, Ladanian Tomlinson, Mike Singletary, Trent Dilfer, and Aaron Rogers are just five of those featured in this book showing character and strength during times of temptation and fame. 

I love football and was excited to receive my free review copy from the Book Sneeze. In this day and age, it seems that the only things we hear about are the bad things. This book will encourage you and lift you up. It will bring to light some of those who stand strong against adversity through their faith. If you love football, you will love this book. I recommend it to book groups as well. There is so much to discuss!

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