Saturday, November 17, 2012

"Darkness Rising" by Lis Wiehl, Pete Nelson

"Darkness Rising" is book two in Lis Wiehl's trilogy about East Salem. The story continues where "Waking Hours" left off, with twists and turns, and the battle between good and evil. Who will win?

Dani Harris and Tommy Henderson continue to investigate the murder of Julie Leonard, who died after a party at St. Adrian's Academy. Now Amos Karden, her accused murderer, and Abbie Gardener, a 102 woman, are also both dead. Are these deaths connected? Something is going on at St. Adrian's Academy, but what? For Dani and Tommy, the cases aren't closed even though the police think they are. What keeps them interested? What questions lie unanswered? As Dani and Tommy build a relationship outside of the investigation, attacks of jealousy and deceit threaten to derail them. Will their relationship survive? 

Once again, Lis Wiehl delivers a story that drew me in and wouldn't let me go. I can't wait for book three! I recommend all of Ms. Wiehl's books to those who love a good story filled with mystery and suspense. You will enjoy her "Triple Threat Club" series!

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