Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Sisterchicks" in Wooden Shoes by Robin Jones Gunn

What do you do when you get the call that you have had an abnormal test and need to schedule a biopsy? Why, go visit your life-long pen pal of course. That is exactly what Summer does. Noelle is her "sisterchick," and she needs to finally meet her face to face. Summer's understanding husband Wayne tells her to go, so she finalizes her plans to fly to the Netherlands. Summer doesn't want to talk about the test, just enjoy the moments with Noelle and her husband Jelle. She knows that the biopsy will bring enough tension, and she wants to live free for just a little while. Through the visit, Summer finds a deeper closeness to God, a deeper peace, and a deeper friendship than she could have thought possible. Will Summer tell Noelle about the necessary biopsy? What happens when she arrives home? Will Noelle find a way to make peace with her own family in America?

This wonderful story touches on God's never ending love for us, His care and concern, and the way he offers opportunities for us to see His hand in all things. The story drew me in immediately with the news of the biopsy, then kept me interested with the stories of the Netherlands and God's wonderful provision and blessings. This book is great for women to share with each other. Reading groups will find an abundance of things to discuss. Thank you to the Blogging for Books program for the opportunity to read this book, and for introducing me to this wonderful author.


  1. My mum loves the Sisterchick books! Thanks for the review :)

  2. You're welcome. I can't wait to read more of the Sisterchick's! =)