Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Save the Date" by Jenny B. Jones

Lucy is a woman on a mission - a mission to save her beloved "Saving Grace." As a woman who has known poverty and the scramble to get by, Lucy has made it her life's work to help other young women realize their potential. "Saving Grace" is more than a building, more than a place to learn and grow. It is a home and that home is in jeopardy. Funding is being taken away and the building has been sold out from under them, but Lucy believes in miracles. She has asked God to move in a bold way. Will He? What about the two men vying for Lucy's hand? Matt is the man she was certain she would marry, but he had walked away. Now he is back. Why? Alex is a millionaire, former football player, who is running for office. His proposition could save the young women she works with. What is the proposition and will she take him up on it? God truly works in mysterious, bold ways and it is up to us to follow His lead. Come along on Lucy's journey to happiness, love, and fulfillment by reading Save the Date.

I loved this book! It has a mix of God and dilemmas, love story, and personal conviction that kept me turning the pages. The characters and story line are believable and I didn't want the book to end. Thank you so much, Net Galley, for making it possible for me to read this book. Individual readers will enjoy the captivating story and book discussion groups will enjoy bantering around the various topics presented.

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