Monday, December 27, 2010

"The Radleys" by Matt Haig

How long can a dysfunctional family of vampires live as abstainers in a world of "normal" people? Clara and Rowan, the unsuspecting children in the family, don't understand why there are rashes, headaches, shyness, bullying, and problems with garlic plaguing them. That is until the night Clara can't control things anymore and finds herself in a situation she never would have imagined. This is the time when their parents (Peter and Helen) have to tell them the truth. There are no more places to hide. A call has been made to Will, Peter's big brother, much against Helen's better judgment.  Will is an active, deadly, and "I don't really care" vampire who responds with a visit and disrupts the household even more. Helen wants Will to leave for more reasons than those known to her husband, and Will plays on that. Will they be able to control their urges especially with Will around? How much sway will Will have over what is happening in the family? Is there really an alliance between the police and some of the vampires? Once she has tasted blood, will Clara be able to turn back?

I had a hard time getting into the story at first, but kept reading because I wanted to know what was going to happen. This is a different type of vampire book, yet carries a lot of the same information as others you may have read. The characters are life-like and the story interesting. If you like the vampire genre, you will enjoy this book. I won this book in a Free Press contest, and thank them for the opportunity to read it.

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