Sunday, April 18, 2010

"...the best preparation for holocaust is holiness." pg. 150

"Will the World End in 2012?" The title of this book is so appropriate for the times in which we live. All around us are books, articles, and happenings that speak about December 21, 2012 as the end of the world. Raymond Hundley deals with many topics including the Mayan calendar, the Hadron Collider, and the predicted future collision with Planet X. His style of writing immediately pulls the reader into each section by beginning with a short story followed closely by the meat of his research then drawn to a short conclusion. His list of sources is noted extensively at the end, making it easy to check him out.

I found this to be an interesting, easy-to-read book dealing with a subject seemingly on everyone's mind. I found it interesting to read about things like "Zetas," "Web Bots," and the "Hadron Collider." This book is written to Christians, but it is a good book to share with friends/relatives who are fearful of the future. I think it would make a great discussion book as well, and fits in church libraries. Are we ready to meet our end? Raymond Hundley closes asking us how we are prepared to face the end, then John 14: 1-3.


  1. So right about it being on everyones mind Hehe

  2. Way too many books, shows,..... LOL