Monday, December 7, 2009

"Healing Sands" by Nancy Rue & Stephen Arterburn

Ryan needs help controlling her anger and getting her family back. Sully is on a search to put closure to the deaths of his wife and daughter. Dan needs help being firmer and more decisive. Each of these characters is an integral part of "Healing Sands." They each need to learn how to surrender to God and let Him guide their choices and direction. Is it easy? No, especially when Ryan goes to an accident to take pictures only to find her 15 year old son being arrested for running over a Hispanic teenager. Then, he won't talk to her and Dan (her ex-husband) won't make him. What will happen to Jake and Alex? How do Ginger and Ian fit into the picture? The twists and turns of the case will keep any reader riveted to their seat.

Sully is looking for Belinda Cox. His idea is to talk to her and make sure she never causes another person to commit suicide. Why is he arrested? How does Kyle fit into the puzzle?

Each person has to look for help from God. Some are reluctant to do so. Will they find their way to Him? I found the story engrossing and compelling. The characters seemed real, and their pain excruciating. There are many things I can use in my own life and it seems that any reader will come away with help and comfort. I recommend it to everyone. With the discussion guide in the back, this book is a great idea for book clubs.

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