Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"5 Cities that Ruled the World" by Douglas Wilson

Do cities and their inhabitants have to conquer the world in order to rule it? No. "5 Cities that Ruled the World" establishes the powerful influence that Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, London, and New York have had on history. Her we see examples of faith, the rule of law, democracy, literature, theater, commercial enterprise, and wealth that were new or different. While not always popular, and many times under attack, the people of these cities brought about change. Do they still rule the world? Probably not, but their gifts still do.

Douglas Wilson spent a great deal of time researching his subject. This is a very readable book filled with information on the history of each city, clearly defining the reason each became so powerful and influential.

I really enjoyed this book because Mr. Wilson drew me in. He re-introduced me to people I had studied in history classes, sometimes showing me a new side of them. I enjoyed how he showed that the population of these cities provided influence and information that are still so important today. I you enjoy history, you will enjoy this book.

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