Saturday, October 17, 2009

"The White Mary" by Kira Salak

Marika travels the world in search of war stories to bring back to her readers. Little does she know the toll it is taking on her and her life. One person stands as a shining example of success for her - Robert Lewis. He is her idol and she has studied him for years. After his unexpected suicide, Marika determines that she will write an autobiography about him. She will even stay home to write. But, there is an unexpected letter that makes her believe that Robert is still alive. Should she search? Can she get there? If so, will she survive Papua New Guinea? Is Robert Lewis really still alive? What about Seb? Will he continue to love her?

Kira Salak weaves a magnificent story about Marika and her demons. One of my favorite lines is found on pg. 337 and is spoken by Tobo. "Listen," he says to her sternly, "I will tell you a secret about your demons: they are never stronger than you." Come meet Marika, Seb, Tobo and the others. Take the journey to PNG. It is a journey that certainly captured my attention!

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