Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Fearless" by Max Lucado

Faith over fear. "Fearless," by Max Lucado, offers practical solutions and Scripture to life's challenges. What is fear? It is really a lack of the ability to control the outcome to a situation. This wonderful book looks at our fears over children, money, the unknown, life, and death. He lists Scripture with each situation to help underscore the fact that God is with us ALL the time. We aren't alone and God's peace can alleviate our fear. Is it really that easy? -with practice leaning on the everlasting arms it can be. Can anyone live a fearless life? Yes! With stories, some humorous, and Biblical suggestions Max Lucado lays out a roadmap to follow.

I really enjoyed this book. It helped me look practically at the fears that surround me and offered help and hope that they can be overcome. Had I already heard the message? Did I know the Scriptures? Yes. But sometimes we need a reminder to get us back on track. God ALWAYS sends messages our way to help us live our lives fully and without fear. But, we let things get in the way of His comfort and guidance. I enjoyed Mr. Lucado's use of humor to bring home his points. I loved the Scriptures he used, and found great comfort in them. This is definitely a book to keep on your shelf as a constant reminder and tool to help you lead a "Fearless" life.

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