Sunday, September 13, 2015

"Scents and Sensibility: A Chet and Bernie Mystery" by Spencer Quinn

A missing safe and with it Bernie's grandfather's watch, possible cactus smuggling, a kidnapping from the past, and a cult are all parts of this new Spencer Quinn novel.What will Chet and Bernie unearth about the crimes, their neighbors, and the missing watch? Come and solve the mysteries alongside these two loveable crime solvers.

This is book eight in the series by Spencer Quinn, featuring Bernie (a private detective) and his dog, Chet. In this installation, Chet and Bernie have just come back from visiting Bernie's girlfriend, when Bernie finds that his wall safe is gone. Whoever took it has his grandfather's watch, one of his most precious possessions. They also find out that the Parsons (next door neighbors) have an illegal cactus in their backyard, and an investigation is underway. What happens when Chet and Bernie get involved? What happens when they get too close?

I love these books and have been a fan since, "Dog On It." It is fun to read a book that is written from the dog's perspective, seeing things people wouldn't normally notice. I like the introduction of "Shooter" this time and the inuendo surrounding his parentage. This book gave me the opportunity to follow the sleuthing, and also to feel how much the characters mean to me. (Pick up the book and you will understand.) If you enjoy books that are fun, written from the perspective of a loveable dog, and let you follow the crime solving, this book is definitely for you. I got a review copy through Net Galley and will now go buy a copy for my library.

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