Wednesday, June 24, 2015

"A Horse in the Wilderness" by Debbie Eckles

Brent Travis is a schoolteacher who has come to Orchard Springs, Arkansas to get away from the people who had hurt him. Autumn Parker wants to move into the house her parents rent out, but it is rented. Add to their troubles vandalism, a missing horse, and a missing boy, and you have situations that draw these two together. Will their problems be resolved?

Brent wants a clean start. Too many Christians have hurt him and he just doesn't trust them anymore. He relocates to teach and rents a home from the Parkers. Autumn Parker had wanted to move in there, but finds out Brent is there. Collision of wills? Add to the story a missing horse and a missing child and you have a story full of interesting people and occurrances. Will Brent's heart begin to heal, and will he be able to trust again? Where does Autumn fit in? What about the horse and the boy? Pick up the book to learn the answers to all these questions and more.

This was an interesting book and I liked the characters. If you are looking for a book that has you guessing and smiling along the way, this book is for you. If you enjoy stories with horses, nice characters, and God's moving in lives, this book is for you. I received my review copy from Book Look in exchange for an honest review.

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