Friday, August 8, 2014

"NIV: The Journey Bible"

The Bible is a book that should be read and learned from. Are you a spiritual explorer? Do you like to study and learn about Bible truths, people, and places? This may be the Bible for you.

 In the new "Journey Bible," readers will find the NIV translation along with Bible helps like: "Knowing Yourself," "Explorer Stories," "Reasons to Believe," "Timelines," and "Addressing Questions." There is also a Dictionary/Concordance right in the Bible, so the study helps are handy. It is a little bulkier than an ordinary Bible, but less so than a Bible with all the extra books to help. Each book also has its own introduction with "The Bottom Line," "Central Ideas," "Outline," and "Timeline." 

I have really enjoyed getting into this Bible, taking a good look at the study helps, and finding some really good information. I especially like the questions and answers about Jesus along with the "Defining Moments of the Old and New Testaments." Each Bible reader is different, but if you are a "spiritual explorer," you might want to get to a bookstore and check this one out. I received my review copy from Book Look Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.

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