Tuesday, July 8, 2014

"NIV Teen Study Bible" from Zondervan

The Bible is an important book for all ages, but there are some things that pertain specifically to teens. This Bible is designed to help teens read and study the Bible with effectiveness and understanding. Throughout the Bible, teens will find extras like: Questions, Answers, Bonus Questions, Panorama, Instant Access, To the Point, and Dear Jordan questions. Each of these is meant to bring Scripture to life and make it pertinent to a teenager's life. From the "Apostles Creed" through the Bible and ending with beautiful maps, teenagers will discover the message God has for them.

I enjoyed looking through this Bible and seeing the wonderful "extras" that are included. It is not the version I normally read, but I found wonderful thougts and help for the teenagers I know. It is easy to see the study, thought, and prayer that went into creating the teen study sections. If you enjoy this version of the Bible and have a teen, this is definitely for you. If not, it is still worth a look to see what God may have to say to you. I received my review copy from the Book Look program in exchange for an honest review.

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