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"Curse of the Thrax" by Mark Murphy

Jaykriss and Marda are the teenaged main characters of the "Bloodsword Trilogy" by Mark Murphy. Jaykriss may only be fourteen, but he has a big chip on his shoulder. His father, Glyndich, was a warrior who was killed by Thrax, a very fierce dragon. Jaykriss wants to avenge his father's death, but must also balance taking care of his family because he is now the man of the house. Will he succeed?

Jaykriss and Marda are normal teenagers who love to horse around and escape work. But they are also adventurous souls too. When Marda knows Jaykriss wants revenge on the Thrax, he is there for the "adventure." Little do either of them know what it will be like to not only find the dragon, but be chased by him as well. Zamarcus is the interesting man who will help them understand the complete world around them and what their limitations might be. Will they find a way to deal with the dragon? What will happen to their families while Jaykriss and Marda are away? Who is the "One Who Leads?"

What a great opening book for a trilogy! I enjoy YA fantasy and science fiction novels, and was not disappointed with this book. It has interesting characters and settings and would be great read aloud. I recommend this book to all lovers of YA fantasy and sci/fi. I received this book from PR by the Book in exchange for honest participation in the blog tour.
Thriller Writer/Doctor on Blog Tour with First Book in YA Fantasy Trilogy
The children of the Godswood Village grew up hearing stories about the Thrax, a fearsome dragon “with scales like iron plates and teeth as long as battle swords.” Because the Thrax had not been seen in over 100 summers, these always seemed like fairy tales to Jaykriss, the 14-year-old son of Glyndich, the powerful village War Chief.
Until the Thrax returned—and killed Jaykriss’s father.
Jaykriss dreams of avenging his father’s death by subduing the Thrax and recovering the Bloodsword, a treasured family heirloom Glyndich lost while battling the dragon. But Jaykriss struggles with his father’s legacy, balancing the need to protect his mother and sister with the desire to nurture a budding attraction to Sola, the brilliant baker’s daughter he finds himself falling hopelessly in love with.
Jaykriss and his best friend Marda are hunting a prize deer in the forest when they are attacked by the Thrax. During their frantic flight from the dragon, they stumble upon an eccentric hermit named Zamarcus who lives in a hidden cave stuffed with gadgets and books from long ago. Zamarcus enlightens Jaykriss about the many secrets of the Old Times—and some ugly buried truths about the all-powerful Dark King, a seemingly immortal being who rules their world with an iron fist.
Although he is not a warrior like his father, Jaykriss realizes that he can use his intellect—and the knowledge given to him by Zamarcus—to defeat the Thrax, recover the Bloodsword and save his family. But he soon realizes that there are other secrets he must contend with, including his own fate. It could be the destiny of Jaykriss to save the world—but that destiny, however great, may cost him his life.
The Curse of the Thrax is the first book in The Bloodsword Trilogy by Mark Murphy.
About the author:
Mark Murphy is a nationally recognized physician and award-winning writer whose first novel, The Shadow Man, was published in 2012. He has been selected for membership in "America's Top Doctors" every year since 2003, and has been voted as "Savannah's Best Gastroenterologist" by the readers of Savannah magazine every year that award has been given. Dr. Murphy writes a regular Op-Ed column in the Savannah Morning News, has been a student at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival a number of years, and is a member of the Board of Directors of the acclaimed Savannah Book Festival. Dr. Murphy married his high school sweetheart; together, they raised two sons. They now reside in a house on the Vernon River near Savannah with a menagerie of semi-wild animals—but no dragons. At least, not yet.

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