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"Real Women Leading" by Lisa Troyer and Dawn Yoder

What does the term "real woman" mean? Does it mean that you can do it all? Does it mean you sacrifice some things to get other things? In this new book by List Troyer and Dawn Yoder, the answers come from the Bible, specifically Proverbs 31. Come take the journey with them and learn about leading with Proverbs 31 values.

Many women don't like the woman depicted in Proverbs 31 because it is so hard to live up to her example. She truly can do it all, rising early and getting it done. Her family trusts in her and calls her blessed. How does a woman become a leader (example) of others and keep basic values of trustworthiness, loyalty, honesty, etc.? The only way is to follow God's principles. This study helps each woman honestly look at this passage, learn the values, and apply them to her life. Values include: forgiveness, responsibility, and restraint; and each chapter has questions and action steps to help the value stick in your life. It is a study well worth doing whether you are home raising your children, are the president of a corporation, or balancing parts of both worlds.

This is a thought-provoking, convicting study. It has made me think and work on things, and is something I want to start again and do more in depth. I think this is an invaluable tool to all Christian women who want to be the best they can be without compromise and settling. I highly recommend it. I received my review copy from Litfuse Publicity in exchange for participation in the blog tour.

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About the book: Today's marketplace is not always a "values-friendly" environment. Business leaders Lisa Troyer andDawn Yoder show you that you can live and thrive in a "valueless" workplace when you live by biblical values and principles.
Real Women: Leading with Proverbs 31 Values is a must-have leadership resource for today's Christian woman. Written by women in the marketplace, Real Womencultivates biblical truth, credible relationship development, and practical application into everyday life through ten foundational principles. Once women embrace these ten principles, they will soon discover the multiple attributes of the Proverbs 31 woman in today's marketplace and learn practical ways to implement the wisdom from that timeless Scripture passage.
Women will be encouraged to develop their God-given gifts and talents in the marketplace as they live out the principles that invite others to embrace the equality-inspiring values they live by. Knowing that we are not the end users of the gospel message, the Proverbs 31 leader will find the initiative to inspire the upcoming generation to view womanhood as a gift and continue the learning process that will impact generations to come.

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Lisa Troyer Sometimes referred to by friends as the "singing executive," wife, mom, radio personality, recording artist, speaker, and author. Her Circle of Friends women's outreach, formed over a decade ago, is growing in all directions. Lisa uses her gift of encouragement, her influence, and her resources to open doors for women to discover their significance and belonging. She and her family currently live in Ohio. 

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Dawn Yoder is passionate about developing people to discover their strengths and reach their leadership potential. As CEO of a 500-plus employee company, she seeks to bring values and principle-based thinking into all aspects of society through a round table environment. Dawn is a member of the John Maxwell coaching team, an international trainer, a speaker with the Circle of Friends ministry, a contributing writer, a songwriter, and a frequent worship leader. She and her husband, Jeff, have been married for more than 20 years and have four children.

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