Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"The Peach Keeper" by Sarah Addison Allen

"Willa said happiness means taking risks. And if you're not a little scared, you're not doing it right." pg. 249

Walls of Water is a town filled with secrets. No one wants to talk about them, but they are hanging on the fringes of everything. There is a gala coming, a gala to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Walls of Water Women's Society Club. So much will happen before then.....

Willa grew up in Walls of Water, left for a time, and came back. She's not rich, but her coffee shop is popular and she seems happy. Then Colin comes back into her life and the roller coaster begins. Meanwhile, Paxton and Sebastion are dealing with their own set of problems. Secrets have each of them hiding parts of themselves, unsure of how anyone else will react. When a body is discovered at the Madam, the site of the gala, the mystery of the man, his death, and who/what killed him becomes the topic on everyone's mind. The story actually has them working together. Who was Tucker Devlin and what did he have to do with peaches? Will the mystery of his death be solved so that the gala can happen at the Madam? Will love conquer all, or will secrets continue to keep these people apart? 

I loved this book! The characters, "ghosts," strange smells and sounds, and the location all blended to make a very likeable read. I hated to see it end. It is hard not to write too much, but if you like books that have a little magic, a bit of history, a bit of love, and a lot of turmoil, you will love this book. I recommend any of Sarah Addison Allen's books and can't wait to read something new by her.

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