Monday, November 25, 2013

"The Adventure Bible Handbook" by Robin Schmitt and David Frees

An expedition to the Holy Land! It is an archeologists' dream, but when he disappears, his children set out to find him. Can they trust the guides in the tour they have joined? Will this unconventional tour lead them to their father?
The Bible is a wonderful book filled with adventure, love, war, and other interesting bits of history. The Adventure Bible Handbook takes children on a journey through the Bible with an archeologist, his assistant, and his four children. What appears to be a simple, thrilling journey to the Holy Land, becomes a race to find their missing father. As the children join a tour group, the guides take them places other than the ones to find their father. This journey, which is done by time travel, is to teach them about Bible events by actually experiencing those events for themselves. Their modes of transportation are unique to each event, and the children learn about the people, customs, and culture of the time they visit. The question is, why are they traveling around places their father isn't? Will they ever find their father? Children will enjoy learning about the Bible in this fun new book.
This Handbook is a lot of fun. It is written and illustrated to attract children of all ages, making the learning fun. I recommend it to families with children (ages 7 - 12 - although others would enjoy it as well) as an addition to your Bible library. The pictures and other illustrations are meant to draw children into the complete story.  I received my review copy from BookSneeze in exchange for an honest review.

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