Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Burning Sky: A Novel of the American Frontier" by Lori Benton

Kidnapped and renamed, Willa Obechain finds herself in the foreign world of the Mohawk Indians. Her New York life drastically changes but she assimilates and learns to love the People. What will happen if she ever gets the opportunity to return home? Will she find happiness there, or miss the life she had with the Mohawks? This wonderful story will pull you in and show you the difficulties of trying to live in two worlds.

Willa was only fourteen when the Indians took her from her home. She was given a new name, Burning Sky, and was expected to behave and do the tasks assigned to her. Fear was overcome by resolution, eventually, and Burning Sky seemed to find a new home. But these are the times of the American Revolution, and she finds the opportunity to return home. Life is so different. Her home is not in good shape, her parents political views are not hers, and she finds she misses the life of Burning Sky. Will she get the chance to return to the People? Will she teach those around her about acceptance? Can she survie living in two worlds? 

This is a very engaging book that captured my interest from the first page. Ms. Benton creates a realistic story filled with rich characters and descriptions. I felt for Willa/Burning Sky and for the choices she had to make. I think you will too, and highly recommend this book. I received my review copy from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for an honest review.

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