Saturday, June 22, 2013

"When Mockingbirds Sing" by Billy Coffey

Leah is lonely, although she tries to keep that to herself. Her stutter keeps kids away and her parents work hard to provide opportunities for her to meet new friends. But when moving to a new town has interesting occurrences, people start to wonder if there is more to her than is at first seen.

Leah loves to paint, but after the move, her paintings are different. It doesn't seem possible that a girl her age could paint with such talent and detail. When asked, Leah tell them that the "Rainbow Man" is helping her see the scenes she paints. This makes people both love and fear her, but all have questions. What is she seeing? It is clear that something is happening because her first painting depicts something that actually happens. Who is the "Rainbow Man"? Could Leah be getting her information from God? Will doubt and fear beat out hope and faith? As Billy Coffey weaves his story, you will uncover the answers.

I love the way Mr. Coffey tells a story. This is my first introduction to his work, but will definitely not be my last. The story is well written and the characters are well created. This will make a good read for both individuals and groups, and I highly recommend it. I received my review copy from Book Sneeze in exchange for an honest review.

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