Friday, March 22, 2013

"John's Gospel: The Way it Happened" by Lee Harmon

In this wonderful new book by Lee Harmon, readers are able to look at the Gospel of John through different eyes. Some is fictionalized to fill in some information relating to the historical times, but it is written in keeping with John's message. What will John have to say to you?

As the story opens, John is an old man who is dictating his story to Matthew, a discouraged man who needs to hear this story. As John tells the facts, he sometimes meanders away into memories, but always returns to what he is meant to write. The stories of Jesus and his relationship with people come through loud and clear. John wants his message to be clear. Will the telling/writing help Matthew with his discouragement? 

This is a really interesting book. So many times I read things in our Bible and wonder what it was like for the writer. What did he see, feel, etc.? This book, while containing some fiction, opens the world of John to its readers. I think Mr. Harmon did a good job, and while you many not agree with everything he says, you will find interesting information that will open the book of John more fully. I received my free review copy from PR by the Book in exchange for an honest review.

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