Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Science and God" by Scott Perry

According to many, God and Science can't possibly work together. "They" say that these two are diametrically opposed to each other. But, in this small book written for teens, Scott Perry shows how they work together.

Teenagers, as well as many adults, struggle with things they are taught in school, home, and church. It is hard, sometimes, to know how to answer someone who wants to talk about evolution or other scientific topics if you don't know what you believe. The "Little Black Books" series gives those aged 14 - 40 food for thought; answers to the tough questions. Mr. Perry approaches each topic thoughtfully and with his age group in mind. Is evolution a theory as many think, or is it something more? Can you have an answer or participate in a logical discussion about scientific ideas that relate to God? This book may help you do just that.

This book was interesting. I think it will help those in his target age group to be prepared for conversations around them. Does it answer everything? No, but it encourages thoughtful research. I encourage teenagers to pick up this, and the other books in the series. The size is not overwhelming, and the information is well presented.

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