Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Blurring the Lines" by Jerry Zehr

Faith and the desire for fame and fortune collide in this book by Jerry Zehr. Would you be willing to give everything, including your soul, for fame, fortune, and the like?

Thomas wants to be a successful actor. He has had some parts but fame has eluded him. There are moments when his Amish heritage breaks in and tells him that things are wrong and he should turn away. But, Thomas has a crisis of faith wondering which life is truly worth his pursuit, and which should be abandoned. His choices create a place where Thomas must do something or be swallowed up. Can his two sides co-exist with drugs, weapons, and other bad choices? Will the lines between right and wrong be so blurred that Thomas no longer knows the difference, or will his rooting in faith bring him out of it? Does society offer nothing to help Thomas?

This is an interesting book about choices and their aftermath. It is easy to get caught up in the wonder and the fame, but as you read about Thomas, you wonder at many of his choices. This is a book that will probably make you think about yourself and your own choices. Thank you to Jerry Zehr for the review copy. I would love to read more about Thomas.

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