Sunday, September 9, 2012

"The Last To Die" by Tess Gerritsen

What does it mean to be the last to die? Could it be the reason Evensong was created, or is this just the place to protect the children? Come join the journey of Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles as they work to uncover the secrets of murder and intrigue.

Two children involved in horrific "accidents" are whisked away to a secret place by an unknown woman. Another boy resides in the place they were taken, and Maura has come to visit him. Her connection with Julian is strong and she sees that Julian is thriving, but when Maura uncovers the group behind Evensong, she becomes very concerned. Then she learns that another child, Teddy Clock, is in danger, and she finds that Evensong may be his only option. Jane brings Teddy to the school, where she finds the protection he needs, but will it be enough? There seems to be so much more between these walls than meets the eyes. For one thing, it seems that murder is a common theme in the lives of the faculty and students here. Why? Are there any connections between them? Can Jane and Maura solve this puzzle before the murderer strikes again? Tess Gerritsen has again filled her book with crime, compassion, and intrigue.

I am such a fan of the books and TV series of Rizzoli and Isles! The stories are well written, the characters well defined. I recommend this to all fans of the TV series as well as readers of crime novels. The story will grab you, suck you in, and race you to the conclusion. I was thrilled to receive a free copy from Random House Publishers. They didn't ask for anything and I am thrilled to write this honest review.

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